Anarchist Mountain Society
cleans while the sun shines

High above the flooding valley below, members of the Anarchist Mountain community took advantage of a warm May weekend to do a little spring cleaning.

About 20 residents answered the call to “come out and help tidy up the grounds of the Summit Centre,” the community gathering place located near Peregrine Drive on Hwy. 3.

Mark McKenney, president of the Anarchist Mountain Community Society, said residents made short work of the 90-minute gathering, “showing up with wheelbarrows, rakes, weed whackers and most importantly with their smiles and good-natured laughter.”

“What a wonderful sight to see our community digging in and getting our little community hall all tidy and ready for the months ahead,” he said.

“We had a few newcomers join in — and I apologize if I didn’t get your names or didn’t get them recorded properly — I was having too much fun whacking weeds!”


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