Perseid meteor shower a great excuse to keep the kids up late


Looking for something new to do with the kiddies when they’re up way past their bedtime?

Well, tonight — it being the start to a weekend — is a great night to check out the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The biggest concentration of meteors likely occurred Thursday night — or early Friday morning — but there should be enough in the sky tonight to make a late-night family excursion a worthwhile adventure.

Jack Newton, who with wife Alice owns and operates the Observatory Bed & Breakfast on the east slope, has a few pointers for making the most of a late-night journey among the stars.

“Get outside of Osoyoos away from the light pollution, where you can take a lounge chair and sit back,” he suggests.

You’ll want to be looking northeast toward the constellation Perseus.


“It’ll be rising in the north after midnight,” Jack says.

“It’s a very nice meteor shower, maybe not quite as rich as what they had originally predicted, but you never know: there could be small patch that comes in as you’re observing and all of a sudden the meteor count jumps up to every 20 seconds or so.

“Right now, its about one a minute.”

There you have it: a dark space, lawn chairs, maybe a blanket or two and a few snacks — the perfect midnight family outing.

And, remember, no matter how many meteors you might see, you’re sure to see something in the night sky that will mesmerize the kids — and probably yourself as well.

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