Summer feet require constant care to look and feel their best

Get those sandals off your feet at the beach. It's good to walk bare-footed through the sand.

We’re halfway through the summer months — how are your feet holding up after weeks in sandals?

Skincare expert Angela Jackson, who works out of the Beyond Beauty Hair and Body Salon in Osoyoos, says all the summer fun and comfort you’re enjoying is probably taking a toll on your feet.

And while getting to the beach — and all that loose sand — is an Osoyoos perk we can all enjoy, a day in the water does have its drawbacks.

“The water is actually dehydrating, believe it or not,” Angela says. “If you have your feet in the water on a regular basis, it actually dehydrates the skin.”

That leads to dead, dry skin — up to 50,000 dead cells every minute that hang around while you’re trying to hang ten.

The result can be fissures — cracks — that form on the heels and between the toes and other painful and unsightly skin conditions.

“Always, always, always, you have to exfoliate and hydrate — those are the two things you always, always, always want to do for your feet,” Angela says.

“You want to get rid of the dead cells that trap dirt and oils and clog your pores.”

You can start that exfoliation right at the beach. A barefoot walk in the sand — preferably at the water’s edge, where the sand is a bit looser — will help keep your feet clean, healthy and exfoliated.

To really keep your feet in their top walking form, though. Angela suggests a daily foot care protocol — for men and women.

Nighttime is the best time for looking after your feet, she explains, because the body repairs and rejuvenates itself overnight. The trick is to make sure you exfoliate and hydrate.

“The two go hand in hand — if you do one without the other it doesn’t work,” she says.

Her daily routine includes using a wooden foot paddle to gently file away dead skin, followed by a good wash or shower. Once the feet are dry, a hydrating foot cream is applied.

“You want to use creams that are PH-balanced for skin on your feet,” she urges. “And use a cream that’s designed for feet. Molecules are actually a little bit larger for the skin on the body than the skin on the face.”

Her preference is for a foot foam.

“It’s not greasy — you’re not going to leave footprints all over the house.”

Although a nighttime routine is preferred, Angela says a morning scrub and moisturizing is also effective — so long as it’s done regularly.

“Do whatever works for you,” she says. “Do whatever is going to get you in the routine.”

The payoff? Healthy, clean feet that look good in those sandals and give you even more reasons to head for the beach.


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