Animation program allows Okanagan students to draw their way to a job

Keeping our young adults at home in the South Okanagan generally means jobs in the agricultural and tourism sectors, but a new diploma program is offering an alternative.

The animation diploma program at Okanagan College is expected to give students the skills needed for careers in the animation industry in the Okanagan and support the growing B.C. tech sector.

The provincial government is providing $250,000 to support the first year of the two-year program. A $2,500 award is available to every Animation Diploma student during their first year.

The diploma was developed in response to requests from the local Okanagan animation industry — a number of studios call Kelowna and area home — and will train the next generation of animators, with a strong focus on 2D, digital 2D and 3D animation technology and the ability to specialize in the second year.

“The Province’s support for this program is welcome news for students as well as the employers in industry who will soon have access to a group of highly skilled animators right here in the Okanagan,” said Okanagan College president Jim Hamilton.

The two-year program focuses on drawing, design and the principles and techniques of traditional and digital character animation. Students are expected to provide a portfolio.

The diploma is designed to help students develop artistic creativity and programming skills required by the digital industry and enable development of the industry in the Okanagan region.

The first intake of students will take place in September; students will complete the program in April 2019.

Prospective students interested in learning more about the program can learn more here.



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