Abandoned burn pile, lightning
make for busy afternoon for AMFD

Chief Urs Grob surveys a trail of smoke from a viewpoint on Blacktail Place.

Members of the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department spent a busy Monday afternoon putting out a burning pile that got away then dealing with numerous late-afternoon lightning strikes.

The department was called around 2 p.m. with a report of a fire near Ravenhill Road — about 20 km east of Osoyoos on Hwy. 3.

“There was a burn pile that somebody didn’t put out,” said Chief Urs Grob. “It went into the trees and it was slowly burning ahead.”

“During the time we were working there, we had a lightning storm go through the area and now we have reports of five fires.”

Speaking from a property on Black Tail Place, where he was scouring the mountainside for trails of smoke, Chief Urs made a quick assessment of the potential danger.

”The good thing is at the higher elevations we don’t have a faster spread,” he explained. “But we have to watch it down here. It’s way dryer down here.

“Up at Raven, the grass was green and it was slowly spreading. Down here, it looks more brown.”

The department had 20 members dealing with the five strikes with others in reserve.

The storm also caught got the attention of the BC Wildfire Service, which dispatched a spotter plane.


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