Art Gallery’s Exhibit a textured
expression of nature’s beauty

Leslie Forbes Saturday guides gallery visits through the Botanical Reflections exhibit.

Natasha Purcell

It was bright, colourful and textured Saturday as the Art Galley Of Osoyoos welcomed the Fibre Art Networks’ Botanical Reflections.

The show, which opened in Vancouver’s Vandeusen Gardens and has since visited other galleries in the province, Alberta, and Ontario, is a mixed media discipline — incorporating yarn and fabric, metal and netting to create textures and dimensions.

“The Fibre Art Network features artists from Vancouver to Manitoba who meet only once a year and plan a show,” explained Leslie Forbes, a member of the Fibre Art Network and responsible for getting the show to her home community of Osoyoos.

The show was planned in such a way that the pieces could go directly from the show into someone’s suitcase and go home with them, explained Ms. Forbes, meaning buyers don’t have to wait until the show is over to claim their pieces.

Patt Wilson’s ‘Opening.’

Some of the artists even created two works, a main–piece and a backup piece. It may not be the same exact work but it will have the same theme so that if a work sells out then there is another option for patrons to buy.

This year’s theme — Botanical Reflections — could not have come at a better time.

During an era when the world is in turmoil, the show allows one to escape into the beauty around them and experience nature in a new way.

It helps give you an appreciation for the immense wonder around us and reminds us that we have a responsibility to preserve that beauty for as long as we can.

Diana Barteling — a member of the Fibre Art Network for six years — does just that.

Focusing on the regrowth after the major fires last year near Rock Creek, her submission “Lupins Spring Out of the Ashes”  — which sold before the show even came to Osoyoos — exhibits that even the most beautiful things can thrive after the most devastating events.

Botanical Reflections will remain in Osoyoos through May 26.


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