The Osoyoos community will get some worldwide big-screen exposure this year after a movie starring Nicolas Cage filmed in the community last fall was picked up by distributors around the globe.

The Humanity Bureau has sold to distribution companies in Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Japan and the Middle east, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie describes a post-apocalyptic world in a permanent state of economic recession. Through an agency called the Humanity Bureau, the federal government exiles members of society deemed unproductive.

Mr. Cage plays a bureau casework who determines to save the lives of a mother and child banished through the agency.

The film is said to be part of a six-pack of science fiction, horror and action films produced in a partnership involving Regina’s Mind’s Eye Entertainment and U.S.-based Bridgegate Pictures that will bring even more actors and film crews to the community.

Osoyoos is expected to host numerous other actors and film crews over the next few months as no less than nine productions take advantage of the South Okanagan’s scenic beauty, climate and low costs.

Most recently, Casey Affleck was in the community to film Light of My Life, a survival drama about a father (Affleck) and his daughter trapped and hunted in the woods in a post-pandemic world.

“Mind’s Eye has five other productions coming to the area next year,” said a source close to the productions. “And then there’s another production company coming up and they’re doing four.

“We’ve got the setting for desert seas, Iraq and we’ve got vineyards and we’re looking pretty good here as a scenic venture for movie companies.”




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