Candidate thanks community for support with legal fight

Dear Editor,

This truly has been an odyssey. The experience has been educational, frustrating, fulfilling, and satisfying. There have been ups and downs. Now we wait for an answer from Justice Peter J. Rogers.

As we await his decision, there are many people who provided help and support that I need to thank.

To the friends and family that helped me with the paperwork and research – “thank you” doesn’t say enough. Your help and support was invaluable.

Both law firms in town provided me with advice. At a time when it appeared that the school board’s lawyers would be successful in shutting me down on a technicality, one of the lawyers in town provided me with legal advice, and even gave me back my consultation fee when we were done.

With his help, and a little assistance from duty counsel at the Kelowna Law Courts, I was able to overcome that hurdle. Thank you for your advice. You provided me with the information I needed to navigate the BC Supreme Court system and get past the procedural road block they were throwing up.

The staff at the Kelowna Law Courts was awesome! The librarian in the Law Library helped me find what I needed and helped to make sure I was able to get all the material I needed. The ladies at the court registry helped get the paperwork filed properly. The supervisor in the court registry was very patient and helpful as the school board lawyers threw up their road blocks. The supervisor of court scheduling was equally patent and helpful. Master Wilson refused to dismiss the case on the 21st and helped to facilitate the hearing on the 28th. Justice Rogers heard the case and guided me through the process. Without all their patience and guidance, I’m not sure I would have made it through.

Many friends and supporters have provided support throughout this whole journey. At times when I was feeling low because of the attempts by the school board to shut down this review, I would read online comments, or receive messages of encouragement and support. This provided me with the boost, and the determination, that I needed to keep up the fight.

The media continued to keep this issue alive in the community. They provided unbiased coverage and allowed the community to keep up with what was happening (even if the school board and district think the community didn’t care).

My family has had my back and kept me going. Their support has been unconditional.

“Thank you” feels so inadequate, but to all who provided me with the help and support I received, please know that it has been appreciated more than you can ever know.

As I await a decision, I wish you and your families all the best for the coming year.

Penny Duperron


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