Osoyoos Council Tuesday approved a request from the Tesla automotive and energy company to provide for up to 12 charging stations — including four universal chargers — in a “very under-utilized” downtown parking lot.

“Tesla approached Town staff to identify a location within the community to install eight of their new supercharger stations,” senior planner Don McArthur explained to Council.

“The municipal parking lot on 74th Avenue at 87th Street was identified as an ideal location, as it is currently under-utilized, sufficiently large enough to accommodate the charging stations — and within walking distance of Main Street.”

Users would pay a fee to use the chargers, although none of the revenue would be returned to the Town, CAO Barry Romanko told Council.

Mr. McArthur suggested its location at the crossroads of Hwy. 3 and Hwy. 97 identified Osoyoos “as a key link in the chain of electric vehicle charging stations within the province.”

Council was told Tesla has said it would install four universal chargers in the parking lot and an additional four universal chargers at another site downtown, at its cost, to enable owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge their vehicles, as well.

The universal charging stations will have a similar two- to six-hour charge time as the existing universal chargers at Gyro Park. All construction and maintenance costs associated with the project will be paid by Tesla.

Mr. McArthur told Council that locating electric vehicle charging stations in downtown could result in more customers for downtown businesses, as electric vehicle owners will have 30 minutes to two hours of time while their vehicle is charging to walk around the downtown area.

The targeted parking lot has 12 spaces. Four would be dedicated to Tesla vehicles; an additional four would have Tesla chargers but would be open to public parking for a time-limited period.

The final four spaces would have the universal charges.

“All 12 spaces would have chargers but the public could use eight of them,” Mr. McArthur told Council.

According to Google Maps, Tesla already has a half dozen dedicated charging stations in the Osoyoos community.


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