Daylights savings survey proves popular with BC residents

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR

More than 220,000 people shared their opinions in an online survey on whether British Columbia should continue to observe daylight saving time.

“It’s clear that the people of B.C. welcomed the opportunity to provide input on this important issue,” said Premier John Horgan. “Daylight saving time is a practice that impacts everyone, and I’m pleased so many people took the time to share their views about the best direction for our province moving forward.”

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The daylight saving time survey was open for four weeks — from June 24 through July 19. In addition to survey responses, the Province received 13 formal submissions from individuals, organizations and industry experts that offered additional insights on how each option would impact their lives and professions.

The largest share of completed surveys came from the Lower Mainland, with 98,549 residents logging on to share their thoughts. In the Thompson-Okanagan, 33,583 people completed online surveys.

Residents aged 40 to 64 were most likely to participate, comprising about 48% percent of all those who completed surveys.

A summary report of the daylight saving time engagement will be issued in the coming weeks.

The province said the results will be considered along with decisions on time observance made by neighbouring states to help determine the best course of action for B.C.


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