By Natasha Purcell

An ABBA fan? How about Fleetwood Mac?

Well, then, you’re in luck!

Both will be performing at the Frank Venables Theater in Oliver this Saturday in the form of tribute acts.

It’s Retro Saturday Night  and Dreams and Arrival will be on-stage to take you back to the 1970s and 80s.

Arrival is where it all began more than 14 years ago, when six world-class musicians decided to come together and create a one of a kind experience.

“This professional ABBA tribute band has fine-tuned their performances to such a degree they have actually been mistaken for ABBA,” said publicist Cris Schandel.

Always met with enthusiasm from their audience — singing along with all of ABBA’s famous hits — Arrival has performed to sold-out shows across Canada and the United States.

From Arrival came Dreams — the “ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac.”

Dreams has also performed across Canada and the US, including at the 2010 Pre-Olympic performance and on a five-day run in Vegas.

“They are some of the best in the world at what they do” says Cris.

Combine Dreams and Arrival, and what you have is a “spectacular evening full of musical nostalgia” he says.

Tickets for Saturday evening’s 7 p.m. show are $35 and available at the Venables Theatre box office or online at


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