Got some thoughts on how downtown Osoyoos could be improved? Here’s your chance to share them.

The Town of Osoyoos is hosting a Town Centre forum June 13 to allow community leaders, business owners and operators and Osoyoos residents to add their ideas on how the downtown core could better attract and serve residents and tourists.

“Downtowns are the heart of any community: a place to shop, dine at a restaurant, obtain services, attend cultural events, meet people, and for many, a place of employment,” the Town says in an online invitation.

“A vibrant and healthy downtown is especially important for Osoyoos’ continued success as a service and tourist centre, and for attracting new business and residential growth.”

The forum will be held at the Sonora Community Centre, starting at 6:45 p.m.

The goal of the forum is to jump-start the Town Centre Renewal Plan by holding a public meeting to address four specific development programs:

  • Physical Improvements
  • Business Development
  • Promotional Activities
  • Organization Building

Participants will take part in round-table discussions about the key opportunities and challenges facing the Osoyoos downtown.

For more information, call Gina MacKay, the Town’s Director of Planning & Development Services, at 250-495-6191.


  1. I would like to see more handicap parking spots in the middle of the parking on Main. It is hard for us to park at the end of the street and try to maneuver either up or down the street. Also why in the winter is the snow always plowed into the handicap spots, are we to be house bound until spring. Also I would like to see more policing of those parking in handicap spots with no parking sticker only to be told by the violator only going to be a few minutes only to find them still there 1 hour later.

  2. I personally have seen no one illegally parking in handicap parking spots. Maybe 1 more in the middle of the street might accommodate more of the handicapped individuals in town…but soon that might not be enough, either. We’ll just have to tough it out as many do now, who haven’t the privilege of a handicap sign in their car, but probably are just as entitled, just haven’t acquired one. Rear entrance parking from the main street alley would be a wonderful convenience, but not many businesses have that option for their clients, which is unfortunate.


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