Focus groups, surveys to ask
Osoyoos seniors for input

Osoyoos seniors will have an opportunity to speak up about what would make the community better for them with a series of group consultations to be held later this month.

The Town has contracted with Cardea Health Consulting to complete an Age-Friendly Assessment, an effort that will begin the week of May 28 with focus groups and one-to-one initiatives to be conducted at various locations throughout the community.

Older adults, caregivers, stakeholders and community members can share their views via group consultations throughout the Town (e.g.  focus groups, one to one interviews).

The focus groups are designed to bring people together in a participatory way.

“As part of the age friendly program, the consultant, Kate Milne with Cardea Health Consulting, has scheduled two open house sessions: May 30 from 1-3 pm and May 31 from 10 a.m. to noon,” said Gerald Davis, the Town’s Director of Community Services. “Both are at the Sonora Centre.”

Mr. Davis said the Town provided Ms. Milne “with a number of different agencies, people, groups associated with seniors and she has spoken to quite a few of them.”

Interested stakeholders can also complete online a brief survey (for older adults and caregivers).

The Town is preparing the Age-friendly Assessment and Action Plan in order to shape programs and services for those 55+, as well as to find out how the town can be made more age-friendly.

“The process only pertains to the services that the Town has a responsibility to provide,” said Mr. Davis. “The Town cannot, for instance, build a new highway route or build new housing for older people. It can only contribute to planning for these things.”

Age-friendly is defined as having a town where everyone, including older adults, can live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved in their community.

In April, Osoyoos was one of 34 BC communities to receive age-friendly grants from the provincial government. The Town received $20,000.


  1. Regarding the survey of Osoyoos seniors – can the survey be done on line? How? Most of us seniors are busy, very computer savvy and would appreciate a quicker mode of communication than face to face, thanks.

    • Yes, you can do the survey online. I’ve made that more clear with the story. Thanks for the input.

      Interested stakeholders can also complete online a brief survey (for older adults and caregivers).


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