Food Bank moving to Baptist Church location

Living up to its motto of giving a hand up, not a hand out, the Osoyoos Food Bank is on the move.

The Osoyoos Baptist Church-sponsored service is leaving the Cactus Centre on Chickadee Court and headed home.

“We’re trying to improve our service to the people of the community,” explained Pastor Phil Johnson of the decision to relocate the service within the church building located at the corner of Hwy. 97 and 62 Avenue. “It’s really bothered us over the last number of years that in the wintertime there’s no room inside and we have to have clients line up outside.”

“To me, that’s not really dignifying.”

Distribution from the Baptist Church facility begins Sept. 15 — the next scheduled Food Bank Day.

“We’re in this process of moving things over and rearranging our storage here and trying to make that work,” said Pastor Johnson.

The church, he added, has more space to accommodate clients.

“(The move) will allow them to come in the door, sit down, take a number, have a coffee.”

It will also allow clients to access additional services provided by Interior Health, WorkBC and other agencies.

“We’re trying to make it more of a one-stop shop sort of thing,” explained Pastor Johnson. “We have the room inside where we can do that.”

The Food Bank is also looking for a cook to provide demonstrations to clients about how to make the most of hamper items.

The Food Bank regularly serves between 35 and 70 families in the community.

“This community — we’ve got the very rich and the very poor,” explained Pastor Johnson. “And it’s getting tougher for the poor to live here.”


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