As boosters go, this was one big shot in the arm.

The Osoyoos Museum Society this week received $250,000 in grant funding to put towards its new Main Street location, scheduled for opening in June 2020.

The funding, said Kara Burton, the museum society’s executive director, comes compliments of the BC Community Gaming Capital Project Grant program.

“We do have monies already secured. With this $250,000, we’re just over the million-dollar mark now.” said Ms. Burton. “We’ve got some other significant grant applications that have already been submitted to different organizations plus we’ve got multiple smaller grants in the works.

“And we’ll also be doing fundraising like the Great Day of Adventure and a few other things over the summer months.”

The funds will be applied to the cost of the working drawings as well as the core building elements of the New Osoyoos Museum project.

The society expects to gain possession of its new home — at 8702 Main Street — on January 1, 2020, with plans to immediately begin the $2.5-million renovation project.

“We get possession January 1 and we’ll be breaking ground, starting to do all the renovation, getting the construction done and I’m really hoping we’ll be open by June 2020.”

Plans include increased accessibility, improved energy efficiency, dedicated storage areas, a multipurpose educational space and new exhibits focussed on the three main themes of the Land, the People, and the Industry.

Patrons interested in seeing what the new museum will look like can visit the existing Park Place location for free Friday and again April 20.

“We’ve got all our plans as they stand on display downstairs,” said Ms. Burton. “(And) once we get the next round of plans done, we’ll update the information we have downstairs to reflect where we’re at.”



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