Getting home a grand adventure for Osoyoos mayor

It was no parade for Mayor Sue McKortoff earlier this week as she struggled to get home from Vancouver.

Mayor Sue McKortoff is home in Osoyoos, tucked safe in her bed, the ordeal of an adventure getting back from a southern holiday behind her.

The Mayor was physically absent from Council Monday after the aircraft she was to take from Vancouver to Penticton was turned around and sent back to the coast.

A bus ride later also didn’t go so well.

“I’m fine. I’m home and I’m safe — and that’s the main thing,” she said Wednesday afternoon. “We just had a little adventure along the way.”

Her travel ordeal started amid the blowing snow and cold of last weekend’s winter weather that all but brought Vancouver to a standstill and crept inland as well.

Her Air Canada flight got out of Vancouver, she explained, but couldn’t land in Penticton as scheduled because of heavy fog in that community.

Back to Vancouver the aircraft went.

“I intended to be back (for Council Monday afternoon),” she said. “Instead I had to phone in from Vancouver — I spent three hours sitting in my daughter’s bedroom on the phone.”

With so many other passengers stranded and a long wait for another seat looming, the Mayor hopped a Greyhound bus headed for Penticton. But even ground travel proved difficult.

“I took the bus home at midnight and we spent three hours in a snowdrift in Manning Park until a tow truck came to pull us out,” she recalled.

Eventually the bus rolled into Penticton and the Mayor was able to collect her car.

Her thoughts on leaving Osoyoos again?

“I’m never leaving town again,” she chuckled. “Forget about holidays, I’ll just stay here.”


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