Godspeed, beautiful soul — all Osoyoos mourns its loss

There’s a post on the Dance Oasis Facebook page this morning, an innocuous message that informs “Dance Families” the studio is temporarily closed.

In reply, there are a dozen comments, all of them warm responses filled with hearts — in some cases many hearts — expressions of overwhelming compassion, love and I suspect grief.

No words are necessary — or perhaps we just don’t have any words.

You’ll read in another post that the community lost Chrissie Serry Wednesday — the “loving sister, mom and daughter” who was the beautiful soul behind the studio.

I did not cross paths often with Chrissie. There was an occasional hello at the Osoyoos Elementary School as she dropped off a daughter and I dropped off a grandson.

None of our children or grandchildren were engaged in the Dance Oasis program, but I gather our family was the exception.

I quickly understood the magnitude of the loss my community has suffered.

Tracey and I, as we travelled in the Maritimes and the news reached us, could not think of another person who was more woven into the web of our community. It seems every family in Osoyoos was is some way touched by Chrissie.

The need to provide for community-wide grief counselling at the Sonora Centre today gives testament to that.

I suspect similar efforts are underway at both OSE and Osoyoos Secondary, where many of Chrissie’s students — and former students — attend. Some were preparing for another year of dance — an activity that has almost become a rite of passage for Osoyoos youngsters.

There are no words, which is why there’s not much more to say except what we already know: every one of us has in our lives only the certainty of today.

A fund is in place to bring Chrissie’s family to Osoyoos. Tracey and I will be contributing to that fund. We encourage others to do the same.

You can send an etransfer to ldmcinnes@hotmail.com. Donations can also be dropped off at the Golden Chopsticks Restaurant.

Godspeed, Chrissie. You are gone but will never be forgotten.

— Andrew Stuckey, Publisher



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