Greasy education just one part of fire hall open house

It was warm, sunny — and just a bit windy. But that breeze couldn’t keep the Osoyoos community’s fire professionals from doing what they do best: putting out fires and teaching others not only how to do it safely but when to do it safely.

The department’s annual open house was a wrap-up to Fire Prevention week activities nationwide. The theme this year: Look. Listen. Learn.

Outdoors — in that breeze — firefighters showed how easily it is to put out a grease fire — and what can go horribly wrong if water is used in an effort to put out the flames.
There was also hands-on fire extinguisher training and tours of the fire hall and its trucks and equipment.

Visitors also got to watch as several new recruits were put through the physically demanding fire-fit challenge, which involved a number of activities firefighters are routinely called to do.

The department also used the afternoon event as a recruiting tool, looking to add members to swell its current ranks.



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