Osoyoos residents this afternoon can have their say on the potential locating of a retail marijuana outlet in the community.

Osoyoos Council has scheduled a 4 p.m. hearing to provide for “public input” on a zoning bylaw amendment intended to add “retail cannabis sales” as a site specific permitted use for a property located at 8304 72 Avenue.

The hearing is scheduled for the Town’s Council Chambers. Information related to the hearing is located here.

The zoning amendment is a Town of Osoyoos requirement and is separate from a provincial licensing process that requires a local government “consult with residents about a proposed licensing application” — although it’s unclear if this afternoon’s hearing would meet the provincial requirement.

Until recently, the downtown property was the home of Osoyoos Signs and Cactus Irrigation. According to a February 2018 building permit application, the property is owned by Witz Holdings.

The applicant is listed as “Richard Stagg for Canna Cabana.”

According to Gina MacKay, the Town’s Director of Planning and Development Services, as of November 17 the Town had not received a “referral” from the provincial government to consult with residents about a proposed licensing application.

“We have not yet received a referral from the province, so I anticipate the process will unfold all in good time,” Ms MacKay told Council.

“Right now, (the applicant) is just looking for the zoning change.”

Provincial legislation requires the provincial Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) to provide notice of an application to the local government or Indigenous nation.

“Local governments and Indigenous nations must recommend to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch that a licence be issued before the LCRB may consider whether to issue a cannabis retail licence,” information from the LCRB reads.

“The LCRB will consider, but is not bound by, the recommendation to issue a licence when making its licensing decision.”

The Town is reporting one written submission to be read at the hearing:

“With respect to the above Zoning Amendment, I wish to advise my opposition to the located site for this outlet,” writes Judy Dallas. “While this is a ‘commercial’ area in Town, there are a number of residences nearby, and it is on the route for children going to school.

“As well, recognizing that there are certainly individuals who can benefit from the products, having the location basically “in a back alley” does not seem to be a responsible location.

“It should be on a main street that is not “hidden away” for better security considerations.”

A provincial application requires:

  • Information about the applicant and associates (including, but not necessarily limited to, directors, shareholders (direct and indirect) and partners);
  • Information about the proposed location;
  • Information about other licences held by the applicant or other applications for licences from the applicant and the applicant’s associates;
  • Consent for security screening and financial integrity checks;
  • A declaration of financial, business or family connections to any federally licensed cannabis producers and retail licence holders or applicants for retail licences; and,
  • A $7,500 application fee.


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