Hot weather to take us through Thursday solstice

Hot, muggy weather — with the possible touch of late-afternoon thunderstorms — are going to take the South Okanagan into the summer solstice.

Both the Weather Network and Environment Canada are predicting highs in Osoyoos to remain above 30C through Thursday, when summer officially begins at 3:07 a.m. PDT.

“For thunderstorm lovers, the instability builds and intensifies by Wednesday afternoon,” said Tyler Hamilton, a meteorologist with the Weather Network. “Wednesday is also the most humid of the bunch, with dew points approaching 20°C in some regions of coastal B.C.”

The dew point defines the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapor.

“Sunny and hot weather will persist through Wednesday as a strong ridge of high pressure lingers over BC,” reports Environment Canada. “Daytime high temperatures will reach near 35C in the Southwest Interior.”

Showers are expected Thursday and Friday as temperatures cool slightly through the weekend to the high-20s.

The summer solstice is an astronomical event, caused by Earth’s tilt on its axis and its motion in orbit around the sun.

At the June solstice, Earth is positioned in its orbit so the North Pole is leaning most toward the sun.





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