Cast and crew were on site at the shuttered Richter Pass Motor Inn this morning for ongoing filming of The Humanity Bureau, a Canadian-produced film that stars Hollywood icon Nicolas Cage.

The story is set in 2030 with global warming wreaking havoc in parts of the American Midwest. In its attempt to take hold of the economic recession, a government agency called The Humanity Bureau exiles members of society deemed unproductive and banishes them to a colony known as New Eden.

Mr. Cage plays a caseworker who investigates a case appealed by a single mother (Sarah Lind) and her son (Jakob Davies).

Mr. Cage made a bit of a stir in the Osoyoos community in November when he wandered in to the local Buy-Low Foods store to pick up some groceries.

The Humanity Bureau is the second title in a six-picture slate deal between Minds Eye
Entertainment, VMI worldwide and Bridgegate Pictures following Wesley Snipes’ The Recall, which sold to scores of buyers during the 2016 American Film Market.



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