April release for Osoyoos-filmed Humanity Bureau

South Okanagan residents waiting on a release of the Nicholas Cage sci-fi thriller shot in the region can now pencil in some spring dates for viewing.

Variety.com is reporting The Humanity Bureau will be released to ‘standard theatrical theatres’ in early April. The film will also be released to Premium Video on Demand and Barco Escape format at the same time.

An accompanying project — The Humanity Bureau VRevolution — is scheduled for a March 2 launch as a “standalone episodic virtual reality series,” Variety.com is reporting.

The Humanity Bureau has also sold to distribution companies in Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

The movie, filmed in locations in and around Osoyoos, describes a post-apocalyptic world in a permanent state of economic recession. Through an agency called the Humanity Bureau, the federal government exiles members of society deemed unproductive.

Mr. Cage plays a bureau casework who determines to save the lives of a mother and child banished through the agency.

Its filming created a significant stir in the Osoyoos community with the Hollywood icon’s stay and work in the community in late 2016, including when Mr. Cage wandered into the Osoyoos Buy-Low Foods store to pick up some groceries.

The film was shot in three different formats, the better known standard theatrical — what moviegoers would find at the Oliver Theatre — three-screen Barco Escape and cinematic virtual reality.

There is no word yet on when — or if — the film will be screened in the South Okanagan.


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