Husky delivers giant Canada Day gift to community

Look up, way up — or don’t: just catch a quick glimpse of the Hwy. 3 – Hwy. 97 sky.

That’s about all you need to do to see the gigantic Canadian Maple Leaf that once again is unfurled above the Osoyoos Husky Travel Centre.

The monstrous flag — measuring more than 12 metres by six metres — is visible pretty well from anywhere in Osoyoos, a landmark that will get you to the highways crossroads in a hurry.

But it’s also a bit of a struggle to keep unfurled, said Vivek Chawla, the station’s owner and manager.

“It was down for awhile because it’s just too windy all the time,” he said, explaining the gigantic flag puts considerable strain on the cable to which it is attached when the wind starts to blow.

The flag, he said, tends to pull away from its pole.

“We replaced it last year four or five times,” said Mr. Chawla. “It is so high, it’s hard to find a crane from here, so they send a crane from Calgary.”

He adds he’s happy to see the flag back where it belongs — and so are his customers.

“Everybody likes it. I like it,” he said. “This place is famous for that flag. That flag was here from the very first day.”

Husky — which has flags at other Husky truck stops across the nation — decided it would get the flag back in place for Canada Day, he said.

New sturdier cabling was ordered and the repair crane dispatched from Alberta.

“It took three or four days to fix it this time,” said Mr. Chawla. “They changed the cabling and the pulley. We’ll see how long it lasts.”