Inflatable water park a step closer
with Legion Beach application

An Okanagan-based company already operating inflatable waterparks in Kelowna and Penticton — with a new park scheduled to open in Peachland this spring —  wants to take a closer look at Osoyoos Legion Beach and a potential inflatable waterpark for the community.

Okanagan Wibit was the lone applicant to respond to a Town of Osoyoos request for proposals to operate the waterpark beginning in June 2018.

The Town will also set up a public drop-in meeting to allow Osoyoos residents to review the Wibit proposal and how it will impact Legion Beach.

The company expects to sell 6,500 passes — entertaining about 93 customers a day — in its first year and increase use to just under 8,600 passes — 123 average daily customers — by its third year of operation. It would operate mid-June to mid-September.

A general admission ticket to the park would be $25 for anyone five and older, with a discounted $15 ticket available for evening visits.

Users would be required to wear life jackets.

The park would require a 10′ x 10′ beach location to conduct registration and life-jacket fittings and need roughly 13,000 sq. ft. of water space.

Okanagan Wibit says it doesn’t expect the park to “exceed existing public swimming markers” at the beach, although it does require water depth of at least six feet.

The park would likely require 40 parking spaces in the Legion Beach area, the company says.



  1. this is a terrible location for this, parking is a problem for the kids splash park now.
    this project should be off cottonwood dr. closer to motel row where most of the visitors are.
    they could then walk to the water park and leave the cars at the motel .

  2. Where are the 40 parking spaces coming from? What about washroom increases? Also notice the park is on the only treed side of the beach, the rest of that beach is boiling with no shade. Parking across the street in the lot with the playcare house/foodbank is already being used all summer by them. That parking lot is already hectic when pick up and drop off happens at the day camp.

  3. I agree this park would be a great attraction for some of the tourists who visit Osoyoos over the summer , however it should not be at Legion Beach but nearer the hotels where visitors can take advantage of this park. When you are on holiday your budget is completely different so this outing would seem far more affordable .

    How many locals can afford to pay these prices ??? We have six grandkids who visit us each summer for several weeks this outing would be a fantastic place to take them but the cost would be $150.00 each visit , it goes without saying this would not happen as honestly it would break the bank and just not worth the cost for a one day outing .

    If given a choice I would say forget the water park altogether why do we feel the need to follow others, my husband and I feel priveleged to live in such a unique and wonderful place why spoil it. Let Osoyoos be proud of its natural beauty not man made attractions what will turn us into another mini Blackpool or Vegas.


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