Is your dog legal? It’s licensing renewal time

Your unlicensed dog is now living on borrowed time.

Dog owners in Osoyoos have until the end of this month to renew Town of Osoyoos licenses for their four-legged friends. Beginning Feb. 1, an unlicensed dog picked up by animal control faces impoundment time and its owner a $50 fine.

The Town’s dog licensing system — which applies to all dogs six or more months old, including yard and indoor pets — requires pet owners to register their dogs and renew their license annually, with all licenses for 2016 expiring Dec. 31.

The fee is $22 per dog — unless the pet is spayed or neutered. The annual fee for fixed animals drops to $12 a year.

The Town also charges $500 for dogs deemed to be dangerous.

Pets owners complying with the licensing receive a metal license tag for their pet.

An up-to-date tag worn by a dog ensures the Town can contact you if your pet is found and reduces to $30 the impound fee if your dog is picked up while running at large. The fine for unlicensed dogs is $100.

An Animal Control bylaw that came into effect in November 2016 reduced to two from three the number of dogs over six months of age a person can keep on a property. A similar number of cats can also be kept.

For more information on dog licensing please refer to Animal Control and Licensing. You can also download the Town’s dog licensing brochure here.


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