A local artist is looking for a little help to have one of her works displayed on a large billboard in Los Angeles.

Donna Byers is currently competing in an event to become one of five artists to have a piece of their art used in billboard advertisements for Pixels.com — an online company that bills itself as the “world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company.”

Each billboard will be at least 24′ x 12′ and will prominently feature the winning images — along with the title and artist’s name.

The billboards will be positioned around Los Angeles and Santa Monica and will remain visible for at least two months throughout the fall and winter of 2019.

Ms. Byers has uploaded three images to the competition and needs at least 250 votes for an image to become a contest finalist. She’s asking Osoyoos residents — and others — to vote for her images and spread the word about the contest.

On August 15, a panel of judges will review all of the finalists and pick the five winning images.

To vote for one or all of Donna’s images, click on the image in the slider above. You’ll be whisked away to the voting portal.

“It would be amazing to see a local artist’s work displayed on a huge billboard in downtown LA,” she said.

Donna is sharing her works in other ways as well.

“I’m in the process  of donating 10 Limited Edition, signed and numbered framed prints of this painting to children’s hospitals and paediatric wards across the country,” she said. “Two prints are already on their way to Toronto, where they will be installed at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital, and the paediatric ward at St Joseph’s Hospital.

“And, I’m currently working on donating prints to Penticton and Kelowna hospitals, and Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. I firmly believe every artist should give back, and there are many very sick children, some with terminal illnesses that live with pain every day.

“I hope this painting would bring them a few minutes of happiness.”



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