Tumbleweed Spirits didn’t bring home any hardware from the BC Distilled’s celebration of all things spirits, but it did score a major prize in the aftermath.

Mike Green and Andrea Zaradic took six of their products to the one-day event held in Vancouver April 14. The show is billed as Canada’s largest artisan and micro-brewery event and brought together 40 distilleries across the province and more than 150 products.

When the last sip had settled and the informal balloting — most patrons come for the drinks — was complete, the 12 prizes for various concoctions went elsewhere.

But Tumbleweed’s dynamic branding earned the Osoyoos-based distillery a proverbial thousand words when a photo of its Rock Creek Rye being poured was selected as art to accompany articles written about the event.

“People are just loving our products,” said Mike after the event. “Everyone’s looking for something new and different and we’re the only people with cherry and maple.”

The distillery pours seven products — three blends of moonshine (maple, cherry and apple pie), its signature Rock Creek Rye, Fireweed Whiskey, vodka and gin.

It earned a prize for its Fireweed Whiskey at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition in February, capturing a bronze medal in the White Spirits category.

Those interested in how Tumbleweed distills its whiskey are invited to attend a three-day workshop in May for three “fun-filled days” of combining tastings with hands-on opportunities in the distillery to learn about the art and science of making whiskey.

You can learn more about and register for the May 18-20 event here.

Otherwise, Tumbleweed, located on Lakeshore Drive, is open noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.


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