MAYOR SUE: Osoyoos matriarch
to star in reality children’s show

If you’re planning to attend Town of Osoyoos Council meetings today, get there early.

Seating for the three meetings Council has scheduled through the day will be at a premium with much of chambers space consumed with video cameras, other soundstage equipment and a production team.

And a few rabbits.

Vancouver-based TVkidsBC will be in the community filming a pilot for what the network hopes will be the country’s next smash reality show for youngsters.

The star? Mayor Sue.

“When we approached the BC Interior Film Commission with the idea of following a politician through several years of their mandate to teach youngsters about municipal politics, the nod was for Mayor Sue,” said executive producer Loof Lirpa.

“And when we came down and watched her with her magic wand and how she engages her Council with the steely-eyed will of a former public school teacher, we knew she was the perfect pick.”

The show’s pilot — simply entitled Mayor Sue — will follow the Mayor through a Council day, from early-morning workout through morning meetings, lunch, afternoon meetings and a wrap up late-afternoon session.

The twist? All of the characters Mayor Sue encounters are bunny animations while she maintains her actual physical appearance.

“The Osoyoos community has this magical fountain, so we decided to employ that,” explained Mr. Lirpa. When Mayor Sue steps through the fountain, she’s transported to this alternate bunny rabbit reality where she is still the mayor but everything else is in cartoon.

In the pilot, the mayor wraps up her day with a dramatic encounter late in the afternoon at Gyro Park, where she is expected to gently shoo away gathering cartoon geese and ducks.

“We want to show her as a person of action,” explained Mr. Lirpa.

The pilot, if approved for additional production, will mean a soundstage — complete with green screens — will be built in the adjoining vacated firehall space.

“That way we can film Mayor Sue at work without interfering with Town business.”

Also expected to play lead roles in the reality series are Mayor Sue’s councillors and the Town’s CAO.

“We understand there might be issues with the July 1 celebrations as at least one of the councillors has informed us he ‘doesn’t do parades’ — but that might make for a very interesting episode: Councillor Bunny so and so doesn’t do parades.

Mayor Sue has remained tight-lipped about her April Fool’s Day debut, but is expected to comment at Committee of the Whole this morning.


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