MP seeks return of home retrofit program

The local federal riding’s environmentally conscious MP is asking the Liberal government to reinstate a home-improvement program made popular by the Harper Conservatives.

Richard Cannings, the New Democratic MP for the South Okanagan – West Kootenay riding, has tabled a motion calling on the government to re-introduce the EcoENERGY Home Retrofit program.

The program, he explained, previously helped Canadians retrofit their homes and apartments — replacing furnaces, windows and insulation — and made those homes more efficient while lowering energy bills.

It also created thousands of local jobs in the trades and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“When I talk to homeowners, they really want to see this — they would like to do the right thing,” said Mr. Cannings in a phone interview. “When I talk to the Canadian homebuilders association, it’s the first thing they mention because they got a lot of work out of it.

Mr. Canning said his motion would build on the successes of the former EcoENERGY Home Retrofit program, which saw participating households save on average $700 per year per $2,000 spent on utilities, reduced energy consumption by more than 20 percent, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3 tonnes per house.

It also acts on an NDP election promise to help Canadians retrofit homes and apartment buildings across Canada and recommendations from the Green Budget Coalition to re-establish an energy efficiency home retrofit program.

“In these times when the Prime Minister has said that the economy needs a boost, this program is a perfect opportunity to help Canadians make their homes more efficient while creating well-paying jobs for hard working tradespeople in South Okanagan – West Kootenay and across Canada.”




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