The South Okanagan got a rude awakening early this morning as a thunderstorm rolled across the valley between 3 and 5 a.m.

The intense storm — which featured lightning and rolling thunder — deposited up to 20 mm of precipitation.

It also brought comments on social media, both on OsoyoosToday and Osoyoos Loop.

“The rain hit with a vengeance,” posted Osoyoos resident Gaye Horn. “We have a large covered deck — everything on it is soaking wet! Driving rain, high winds and it will take a week to dry everything out. Dogs are settled under the covers with me.”

“Sent my trampoline into the orchard and bent the . . . poles and ripped the net up,” said T-Jay Sand. “The rain was intense — like a monsoon.”

“Loved it but missed the fireworks because I stayed in bed and listened,” shared Barb Peden. “I love storms.”

Added Simon LFrance: “Am sure there was hail or supper heavy rain. My poor flowers are trashed.”

The carnage continued into Boundary Country.

Power went out just before 4 a.m. in Bridesville,” reported another poster. “And is still out at 7.”

“I’m in Midway and it hit all the way up here too!” added user Faith Speed.

John Frost LePage Photo/Facebook

The storm, however, didn’t awaken everyone.

John Frost LePage reported he “lost another big limb from my willow” but otherwise “didn’t hear a thing.”

The cool wet weather is expected to continue through the day. Environment Canada is calling for a 30 percent chance of showers ending later today with the skies becoming clear this evening.

It’ll also be cool, with a a high of just 23C expected.


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