OES students jump for health, heart
— and maybe some hardy ha-ha

Derek Subotin, a Grade 6 student at Osoyoos Elementary, tries his luck in a bit of double-Dutch with the help of teacher Ryan Miller and EA Joan Gibson.

Osoyoos Elementary School students had a number of goals in mind when they stepped out into the bright sunshine Friday afternoon with skipping ropes in hand.

The first was to spend about an hour jumping rope; the second to raise money for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The third? Well, we’ll get to the third in a minute.

“They’re having fun!,” said Julie Dias, a Grade 2 teacher at the school and the organizer of the Jump Rope for Heart celebration.”

Matthew Pendergraft takes on teacher Dan Rowland in a “jump-off.”

The afternoon activity capped off a week of coin collecting, the students, teachers and parents bringing along a different denomination of coin each day.

“Every day of the week, we had a different coin,” explained Ms. Dias. “Monday was five cents, Tuesday was ten, Wednesday quarters, Thursday loonies and Toonies today.

“We also had a few students who did pledges around Town.”

The school set a fundraising goal of $2,000 and it came with a particularly satisfying reward — one the young students would be sure to enjoy.

Of course, the students got inventive: Luke King shows off his “wall jumping.”

“There was a challenge put out by me,” said Ms. Dias. “If the school could raise $2,000, I’d take 20 cream pies to the face.”

Monday, after the coins are counted — and likely after some enterprising parents show up to put the count over the top — Ms. Dias will learn if she’ll be the cream pie-firing line.

“I think they’re close,” she laughs. “I think I will be getting pies to the face.”


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