Oliver man charged after apartment
gun-play threatens neighbours

An Oliver man is facing firearm offences after he was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly discharging a .22-calibre rifle in his ground-floor apartment — and endangering tenants in units above him.

The arrest followed a call to Oliver RCMP from a tenant indicating that “while sitting on his couch at home, he heard a loud bang and observed the cushion beside him now had a hole in it and stuffing was coming out of it,” reported Sgt. Blaine Gervais, the Oliver unit’s commander.

The tenant resides on the second floor of a three-floor residence located in a rural area South of Oliver near Road 11 that is separated into three living units. He told police he believed the loud bang came from the unit directly below him.

That was enough to bring Oliver RCMP to the address with other members from South Okanagan Traffic Services, Osoyoos RCMP and a First Nation Policing member.

The third-floor tenant exited the residence when members arrived and also told police he heard several loud bangs and observed pieces of metal on his floor.

“The RCMP were able to get the tenant to exit his bottom-floor unit whereupon he was arrested,” reported Sgt. Gervais. “A search of his unit revealed spent .22 calibre casings, a .22 calibre rifle, along with multiple small caliber bullet holes in his ceiling and walls.”

An examination of the middle- and top-floor units revealed multiple small-calibre holes in the floors and ceilings.

Daniel Khafizov, 30, was charged with several firearms offences.

Sgt. Gervais said there is no reason to believe Mr. Khafizov was targeting the upstairs tenants. Instead, police believe, he was just carelessly firing the .22 calibre rifle indiscriminately into his ceiling and walls.


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