Osoyoos attraction captures attention of New York Times

Each summer, plenty is written about Osoyoos; now the South Okanagan has captured the attention of the New York Times.

A recent article in the venerable newspaper — perhaps the best-known daily print journal in the world — explores the unique environment that is Spotted Lake.

The small lake — described by writer Joanna Klein as “half-a-mile long and five football fields wide” — is located on Hwy. 3 about 10 km northwest of Osoyoos. It has unusually high quantities of minerals that create small colourful pools.

The pools are most striking over the summer months.


The kidney-shaped lake is located on property owned by the Okanagan Nation and administered by the Osoyoos Indian Band. Visitors are restricted, but many pause at the shoulder of Hwy. 3 for a good look from the fence line.

The Times article explores the lake’s similarities to the mineral deposits found near a crater on Mars. It concludes by suggesting “if you can’t make it to another planet, you can feel like you’re on another planet on Earth.”

The article — The Otherworldly Polka Dots of Spotted Lake — includes images and video. It is located here.