Stand up tall and be proud, Osoyoos — you’re now paying among the highest cost across Canada for a tank of gas.

Yup, even more than motorists are paying in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.

A review of gas prices on this morning, shows the cost for a litre of unleaded fuel at five gas stations in Osoyoos was just below $1.46 — about where it has stuck through most of the summer.

That compares to $1.42 for many Vancouver-area gas stations — with a provincial low of $1.28 at the pump in Abbotsford.

In May, regular unleaded fuel was selling for as much as $1.59 a litre in Vancouver.

Across British Columbia, the cost of gas is averaging $1.41 this morning — almost five cents a litre cheaper than what you’ll pay in Osoyoos.

Locally, a litre of gas will cost you:

  • $1.40 to $1.42 in Oliver;
  • $1.44 in Keremeos;
  • $1.42 in Okanagan Falls;
  • $1.41 to $1.42 in Penticton; and
  • $1.45 in Grand Forks.

In Kelowna, drivers are paying as little as $1.42 a litre; in Kamloops $1.30 a litre.

Even at lonely Eastgate station west of Princeton, which generally charges stray motorists a a little more for an unscheduled stop, unleaded regular this morning is selling for less than $1.42 per litre.

While it’s only pennies per litre were talking about, for an average 52-litre fill-up, the difference between what motorists will pay for a tank this morning in Abbotsford and what motorists will pay in Osoyoos is $8.84 — almost enough to buy a quick lunch anywhere in town.

About the only places in BC you’ll pay more for gas today is in the mountain parks along Hwy. 1 or two ferry rides up the Sunshine Coast.

The cost of a litre of gas in Golden is about $1.50. In Powell River it’s $1.52.

Elsewhere across Canada, unleaded fuel is selling for as little as $1.20 a litre in Manitoba, $1.23 in Saskatchewan and $1.25 in Nova Scotia.

Newfoundland drivers are paying $1.36 a litre — the second highest cost on average among Canada’s 10 provinces.

By the way, the cost for a litre of gasoline in Osoyoos around this time last year was $1.15 — a full 30¢ a litre (or $15.60 for a 52-litre fill-up) less than what you’ll pay today at the pump.


  1. You want to get ripped off on gas? Come to Osoyoos!!
    Aug 21 141.9 in Penticton Petro Can
    Aug 21 141.9 Kaleden Petro Can
    Aug 21 140.6 Senkulmen Gulf
    Aug 21 142.5 Oliver Chevron
    Aug 21 145.9 Osoyoos


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