Osoyoos man says he has alibi
for alleged Oliver home invasion

Dale Boyd
Special to OsoyoosToday

A young woman is coming forward to police to confirm the alibi of a man who denies any involvement with a violent home invasion last month in Oliver, a judge heard Wednesday.

Brian Douglas Louie, 38, is facing one count of breaking and entering with intent to commit an offence, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and simple assault.

Mr. Louie said he was in the neighbourhood, but not present for a vicious and apparently random alleged assault on Feb. 24, when two men broke in and attacked two occupants of an Oliver residence.

“He categorically denies anything to do with that incident,” defence counsel Nelson Selamaj said at his client’s bail hearing Wednesday.

“I’ve been doing some, not so much lawyering, but investigating, if I will, and I’ve talked to many people who told me my client wasn’t involved.”


Mr. Selemaj said Dean Gallagher, Louie’s co-accused who was allegedly present for the home invasion, turned himself in and was “going to clarify my client’s non-involvement.”

Mr. Louie’s bail hearing will continue at a later date once the new witness statement has been made to police.

Mr. Gallagher is charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit an offence, assault with a weapon, simple assault and assault causing bodily harm.

He made his first court appearance Tuesday and is scheduled to return for the continuation of a bail hearing March 9.

Mr. Louie was found guilty in 2012 of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to five years in prison.

Dale Boyd is a reporter with the Penticton Herald, with which OsoyoosToday shares an editorial services agreement.


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