Osoyoos orchardist honoured by BC Fruit Growers

Ranbir and Shinder Kambo, above, proudly display the Life Member Award presented to Ranbir by the BC Fruit Growers’ Association. The couple operate a cherry and plum orchard and Ciliegia Villa in Osoyoos.

Penticton Herald

Osoyoos orchardist Ranbir Kambo is the 2017 recipient of the BC Fruit Growers’ Association’s prestigious Life Member Award.

The award was presented in recognition of Ranbir’s leadership in agriculture and his service on boards on fruit industry organizations.

“I’m a city boy from New Delhi who knew nothing about agriculture until I met my wife, Shinder,” Ranbir said.

Shindir’s grandfather arrived in B.C. in 1933 and worked dawn to dusk to establish a family farm.

She was raised on her parents’ large strawberry and raspberry operation in Abbotsford.

“I learned about agriculture from my in-laws,” said Ranbir, who along with Shinder had a blueberry farm in Matsqui before coming to the Okanagan.

Reflecting on the waves of immigrants to the Okanagan, first from England and Germany, then Portugal and India, Ranbir said, “Who is next is a major issue for the Okanagan fruit industry.

“Our kids aren’t coming into farming.”


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