They can sing. They can dance. They can steal your heart. Students at Osoyoos Elementary School were out to prove they’ve got talent Friday with a special presentation at the Sonora Centre that brought out the performer in two dozen students and most of the administration and teaching staff.

“I loved it — every moment of it,” said Amanda Jones, the school’s vice-principal and organizer behind the Osoyoos’ Got Talent event. “Seeing the kids on stage and seeing them shine was so important.”

The event was especially important for those not engaged in sport activity in the community, she said.

“We do a lot of activities with sports and this was just an opportunity for kids who may not be involved in sports either outside of school or in school to share their talents and what they’re interested in.”

With emcees Amanda and Dave Parsons moving things along, the show flowed through twenty-three “performance-ready” acts and included everything from dance and vocals to piano and even comedy.

“We had over 50 kids come out and audition, but because of time constraints we couldn’t share them all,” said Ms. Jones. “We had to invite them to just keep practicing and come back next time.

The event wrapped up with a bombastic lip-sync battle involving OES teachers divided between the Queen and Thunder teams.

“[It’s] a great way for the staff to come together and connect in a different way,” said Ms. Jones. “Teaching can be a very isolating experience. We spent a lot of time after school and lunches to make sure we were performance ready.”

. . . and OES teachers rock!


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