The image right now might be as much fun as watching a haircut, but stay tuned — there’s no telling what you might see in the Town of Osoyoos’ Osprey website.

The Town has switched on its live feed from a web camera installed to watch over an osprey nest discovered on a FortisBC power pole in the community several years ago.

The camera was turned on in 2015 when FortisBC and the Town of Osoyoos saw an opportunity to use the nest as an educational tool.

Since then, the camera has witnessed the hatching of Osprey eggs and delivered a front-row seat for the antics of the infant Osprey before they have sufficient size and strength to leave the nest.

Last year, the nest was also the temporary home for a pair of geese and their young goslings.

Online viewing of the Osprey nest is located at

The camera is scheduled to run through late September.




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