Osteopath adds his services to Osoyoos health care community

The Osoyoos community is getting some much-needed health care help.

Osteopath Scott Fisher is expanding his Southern Interior practice to Osoyoos, joining the health care team at South Okanagan Physiotherapy and Active Wellness Centre.

“I’ll be working in Osoyoos and Cawston,” Scott said in an interview. “As I’m building the practice, I plan to be in Osoyoos every Wednesday.”

“Osteopathic treatment is based on the concept that the structure of the body affects how it will function and that it functions as a unified whole” he explained.

“A Manual Osteopath uses trained hands to find the root cause of the dysfunctions that are occurring and then gently assists the body back to health with a wide variety of specialized techniques.”


He gave as an example a sore hip.

“The hip could be very sore, but the source of the problem may be coming from another area of the body that is in relation to the hip, such as the knee, foot or somewhere in the back for example.

“The osteopath feels where the pain is coming from and what’s going on in the tissue and then corrects the problem as opposed to just focusing on the issue or part that hurts.”

A Manual Osteopath addresses the inter-connectedness of all body systems, using highly trained palpation skills to determine the quality of the tissue in the body and restore function and equilibrium by treating the root cause of the pain.

A graduate of the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver, Scott is the lone Manual Osteopath in the South Okanagan and has recently moved here from a busy clinic in Kamloops.

The natural medicine practice was fathered in the 1870s by Dr. Andrew Still, a U.S. physician.

Dr. Still believed that the body is always moving toward health and inherently contains the capacity to battle any harmful threats and heal naturally when the proper environment for the body, mind and emotions are provided.


It’s a life principle to which both Scott and his wife Carol — a yoga therapist — subscribe.

“We are passionate about our personal health journeys and love to do this work helping others improve their health and well being,” said Scott.

Manual Osteopathy provides a practical approach to any health related concern and treatments are extremely effective for all age groups.

Osoyoos residents interested in exploring the services offered by Scott can call 250-488-2204, email wellnessinmotion@outlook.com or visit www.discoverwellnessinmotion.com.


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