Our small community made a big change in our lives

Mike Campol was more than a local town councillor. He also played a big role in other local organizations, including the Spirit of the Game Society.

By Mike Campol

Seven years — seven years living in the most beautiful place that I could ever have imagined.

My son was nine and my daughter five when we happened upon this Canadian town jewel.

Leaving the big city in Ontario for small town rural BC, we went from what felt like swimming in an ocean to paddling in a pond.

What an adjustment!

It wasn’t long before we felt the comfort, friendliness, uniqueness and sense of inclusion that could only be felt in a small town.

We were now no longer residents of a big city but rather, part of a community.

Seven years later, a change in career, different needs for our kids and a new desire for anonymity, we find ourselves leaving this incredible place.

I wouldn’t trade or wish differently of what these seven years have meant to me.

I learned about tourism in a resort municipality. I learned how local governments function and how important a role those involved play in the betterment of a community.

I witnessed a school system where kids are individuals and educators care deeply about them.

I learned how a community can lift itself up from its roots in times of crisis.

I learned how local grassroots organizations can fill holes in our social system and truly make a difference.

And I learned what it means to really be a part of something special.

Most importantly, we developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

On behalf of my family, thank you, Osoyoos! You have helped shape us into who we are today, better than when we first met you.

Our hearts will always be here and our hopes that this community continues to thrive in its uniqueness and character.

Mike Campol has served as a municipal councillor for four years and engaged in the community in many other ways as well, including playing a significant role in the Spirit of the Game Society.


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