It’s a rare occurrence when proposed legislation coming from an opposition member in the House of Commons makes it to the floor for a vote.

It’s even rarer for a bill to pass a final vote.

But Canada’s MPs thought enough of Richard Canning’s Bill C-354 — an Act to amend the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act, (Use of Wood) — to pass it Wednesday evening.

Bill C-354 proposes to require the federal government to consider the use of wood in federal infrastructure projects, taking into account the associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by using wood products or other environmental measures.

“I want to thank all of my colleagues from all parties who supported C-354 and worked with me through out to make this bill the best it could be,” said Mr. Cannings, the MP for South Okanagan – West Kootenay.

“It’s gratifying to see so many MPs from so many different backgrounds rally around this measure that will help sustain the Canadian forestry sector and promote environmentally friendly construction.”

The bill will now go to the Senate for debate, to commence at a date yet to be determined.

Mr. Cannings was also awarded Forest Community Champion Award by the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) for his work on Bill C-354 and in support of the forest industry across Canada.

“In South Okanagan – West Kootenay, we know that the forest industry is important to many of our communities,” he said. “Companies like Structurlam show us daily that the wood building sector is on the cutting edge of new, green building solutions.

“I am proud to advocate for this sector, for the solutions they are bringing forward and to support the community-sustaining jobs that they bring to our communities.”


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