Popular chiropractor says it’s time to call it quits

The Osoyoos community is losing a favourite chiropractor.

After 24 years in practice — 11 of them in Osoyoos — Dr. Martha Collins said it’s time for her to retire.

“Practicing here has been the highlight of my professional career and I truly feel that when I go to the office, I am going to take care of our big, extended chiropractic family,” she said.

“Two years ago, I made the decision to retire in 2017 and began the process of finding someone to take over for me.”

Enter Dr. Brittany Morris and Dr. Johnny Cheong — they will be taking over the reins at the Sunshine Valley Family Chiropractic Centre at the end of September.

They have both been adjusting me and they are wonderful chiropractors,” said Dr. Collins.

She expects her last day in the clinic will be Sept. 29.

“I want to make sure everybody feels comfortable and everybody’s happy,” she said of her time at the clinic this month. “I’ll be there for another three-and-a-half weeks to help with the transition so that all of our patients that we care for have met Dr. Cheong and Dr. Morris.

“Today was Day Two and they’re doing very well,” she said of the new doctors.

Originally from Ontario, Dr. Morris and Dr. Cheong both graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dr. Morris Brittany attended St. Francis Xavier and graduated with a BSc.(Hon.) in Human Kinetics. Dr. Cheong attended Western University, obtaining two degrees, a BSc. in Medical Cell Biology and a BHSc. in Health Sciences.

While they’re busy getting comfortable in Osoyoos, Dr. Collins said she and her husband, former Mayor Stu Wells, will be taking a few trips and looking after a lot of projects.

“When I come back in the spring, I’m going to take golf lessons — although I might take golf lessons now,” she added.



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