Rain — our newest four-letter friend maker

It’s a four-letter word, but it’s not that kind of four-letter word — at least not this year.

It’s RAIN.

Environment Canada this morning is teasing the Osoyoos community with a chance of showers this weekend. Canada’s national weatherman says the best bet for rain falling on the community would be for Friday evening or Sunday morning.

Normally, in a place that celebrates Canada’s warmest welcome and would prefer dry conditions for its beaches, biking and bunking down, rain is a four-letter word.

Not this year.

According to Environment Canada, it hasn’t rained in Osoyoos since June 9 — 91 days ago (which is a record, according to those same Environment Canada prognosticators) — and conditions in the community are tinder dry.

The chance of showers is at about 40 percent Friday and 60 percent overnight into Saturday. Cloudy conditions should continue through Sunday.

Those cloudy conditions will bring temperatures down — to the low 20s through Sunday — and also do something about the smoke — what Environment Canada calls widespread — lingering in the valley.

After several days of warming and drying, Environment Canada is predicting more rain for Wednesday.

Until then, smoke advisories remain in effect for the community — and pretty well every other community in Southern BC.

Although there are no wildfire conditions in Osoyoos, the community is feeling the impact of fires further up the Okanagan Valley and west near Princeton.