Riddick back on the ground thanks to Oliver rescuer

Riddick the cat is home safe this morning — a little wet, cold and hungry but otherwise none the worse for wear — with a little help from an Oliver hero.

The Bridesville kitty managed to get himself stuck up a very tall tree Friday and was reluctant to attempt the climb down.

“My cat is a bit of a dork and has managed to climb up a tree that he is now too afraid to climb down,” Lydia Street wrote on Facebook late Friday night, searching for a would-be rescuer to help get Riddick back down on the ground.

The family had attempted to coax Riddick down with scaffolding from the the roof of the barn onto the branch he was stranded on, but the cat wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m a big believer in letting cats figure this out on their own, but Riddick is apparently too scared to come down, and is meowing for help. Sigh.”

Her plea for assistance was answered by Oliver’s John Wall, who advertises his services as Odd Job John. He showed up Saturday afternoon with son Ryan, fiance Kimberly Barclay and uncle Tim Partington.

As odd jobs go, this was definitely one for the books.

“The lady whose cat we rescued had let me borrow her engine hoist and I was returning it,” said John. “It worked out perfectly for both of us.”

In the pouring rain his team set about getting the foisted feline back on the ground.

“My uncle was the brave man who climbed the ladder then went up into the tree and stayed up there for around half hour or so talking to [Riddick], explained John.

“Then he came down for a quick break then went back up and ended up getting [Riddick] and we lowered him to safety in a basket we had rigged up.”


“Riddick is happy to be back on the ground and only has a couple of minor cuts to look after,” said a grateful Lydia.

“He’s enjoying a nap on the bed right now and has a belly full of food.  He was definitely hungry.”

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  1. I love to hear stories like this. Thank you to the rescuer. An advise to Riddick………….don’t climb that tree again. I am happy that he is safe.

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