Rolling out a (magic) red carpet
for OSS Drama Club

Now, wasn’t that a party!

Its young performers might not have attended, but the Osoyoos Secondary School’s upcoming performance of Aladdin Jr. benefited from a red carpet Oscars Party held at the Sage Pub Sunday evening.

“I coordinated the event with lots of help this year,” said organizer Jen Shiels. “Behind the scenes there were parents of drama students gathering donations and filling helium balloons. At the event there was Sharlene Fernandes, Isabel Dias, and Char Turnbull.

She offered thanks to everyone involved, including management and staff at The Sage Pub, which hosted the event.

We have photos of some of the “stars” who came out for the event and generously answered the call every time the organizing genies rubbed the money lamp and a new opportunity to give appeared.

Aladdin Jr. opens Thursday evening and runs through Saturday at the OSS Community Theatre. Tickets are still available through the OSS office or at Mills Office Pro.


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