If you penciled in a visit to a Town of Osoyoos tax sale Monday morning, pencil it out.

The sale is off.

As expected, arrangements were made earlier this week to cover the outstanding tax delinquency for a waterfront property located on Spartan Drive.

The Town was listing the property as being subject to a tax sale September 30 unless “delinquent taxes, together with interest, are sooner paid.”

The property in the 9400 block of Spartan Drive has an assessed value of more than $1 million.

“The property in question is no longer in a tax sale position for this year,” wrote Jim Zakall, the Town’s Director of Finance, in an email Tuesday, indicating the $27,475.45 tax bill was paid.

The property was listed for sale as part of a three-parcel offer. However, the listing expired and only a single parcel is now still for sale.

Earlier, Mr. Zakal said he couldn’t remember a property ever being sold at tax sale in the community — at least not over the last two decades.

“I am only aware of what has happened in Osoyoos for the last 19 years and to my knowledge there hasn’t been a tax sale that I am aware of,” he said.


  1. We would like to know, who paid the taxes, and is there a change in ownership of the property. These are questions that I think should be answered for clarity.

  2. Still interested in who paid the tax bill ??? Also would like to know if there has been a change of ownership or if a change of ownership is in the works ??


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