Service offers affordable way
to round up party animals

Chris Mitchell owns and operates Osoyoos Delivery Service.

An Osoyoos man is offering an inexpensive way to round up the party animals and get them safely to their next destination.

For $20, Chris Mitchell, who owns and operates Osoyoos Delivery Service, will pick you up after an evening of partying and get you and your vehicle safely home.

And, for no extra charge, Chris allows you to bring along as many of your friends as can legally be seated in your ride.

“Two people show up in our vehicle,” explains Chris of the service. “The driver gets out, gets the keys from the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle can bring as many passengers as legally possible in their vehicle.

“We drive you to your location of choice.”

The uniformed, formal service costs $20 in town — prepaid as a dispatch fee. Services out of town are topped up with a $2-per-km service charge.

“It’s very reasonable and affordable and we want to maintain a low fee for that,” said Chris, adding one of the reasons he provides the service is to get people home safely.

“For $20, you get driven home with your vehicle and you don’t have to go back for your vehicle the next day. There’s no excuse for trying to drive it home yourself after a night out.”

The service is keeping Chris hopping late at night. He’s also busy during the day as well, offering custom delivery in town and hotshot services to Oliver and beyond.

“It’s completely custom delivery. If you need pizza, groceries, wine, what have you, we’ll get it to your door,” he said.

The cost for delivery in town is $12, although clients can purchase a pre-paid package and get deliveries for half the cost.

“It’s saves them money, but it’s a commitment to me as well.”

Osoyoos Delivery also makes regular runs to Penticton on Wednesdays and Fridays and is considering a Monday run as well.

Chris started the business in town after tiring of life on the road, working as a lineman in Northern BC. Now, he’s home full-time with wife Elisa, who provides customer service at Pharmasave.

He has quickly brought the business to success using a “fresh and friendly” approach that relies heavily on social media and word of mouth.

The service provides multiple payment options — through a secure ecommerce account, accepting all major credit cards or through point-of-sale device at the door.

To take advantage of the service, contact Chris at 250-535-1251. You can also visit him online at



    • We are currently looking for a couple people to do the designated driver service. You would need a claim free abstract and insurance history and be willing to wear appropriate attire and drive another individuals vehicle with Thier passengers.
      These positions usually are working late at night between the hours of 8pm and 4am.
      Please send your resume to along with references. Thank you for your inquiry and have a great day!


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