Welcome to the Spring construction season — this year featuring Main Street.

The Town, working with the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, will be digging up the north side of Main Street between 85 St. and Spartan Drive to place pipe that will better move excessive rainfall to the lake.

The project will include placing storm sewer pipe along Main Street, adding manholes and catch basins and finishing with some curb improvements in the form of “bump-outs” on all four corners of 85 Street.

The work is expected to begin immediately.

“The project is designed to intercept storm water runoff from extreme rainfall events flowing both east and west on Highway No. 3 at 85th Street and divert it into a storm sewer system, which will take the storm water to Park Place and ultimately Osoyoos Lake,” said Jim Dinwoodie, the Town’s Director of Operational Services.

“Traffic markings, pedestrian safety signage, and accessible wheelchair improvements complete this project,” Mr. Dinwoodie said.

What that means to Osoyoos drivers, pedestrians and merchants along the north side of Main Street in the affected block is the intermittent loss of parking spaces and sidewalk.

“There will be digging along the parking areas along Main Street,” said Barry Romanko, the Town’s CAO. “There’ll be no parking on that side.”

The Contractor, Penticton-based H & M Excavating, hopes to have the work completed by the end of April.

“We are working to try and finish this by April 30, weather-dependent,” said Mr. Dinwoodie.


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