Stomping through the FOG madhouse — what a weekend!

Photo courtesy of Ed Dukes

The South Okanagan’s Festival of the Grape: this Sunday’s version welcomed some 4,000 guests (depending on who you asked) to the end-of season bang-up bash.

With 50-odd wineries to visit, it was a madhouse at the more popular winery tasting tables and while the better known local wineries were well attended, it was a welcome sight to sip and sample with a number of out-of-towners.

The biggest audience by far was many rows deep in front of the Grape Stomp staging area.

Crushing the magic out of grapes is what the wine business is really all about and although grapes go through a number of steps thanks to a winemaker’s wisdom, once harvested, it’s the juice that matters.

Teams, some wildly costumed and others in true grape stomping garb, shorts or jeans rolled up their wine-stained legs, enjoyed a series of preliminary runs, eliminating the slow pokes through the afternoon.

Popular CBC television host Rick Mercer joined teammates to spray the front row of jeering, cheering fans.

As this is his last season on the air and his show so widely broadcast across Canada, our Festival of the Grape will become a household expression coast to coast.

Laura Craig photo

On Saturday, Hester Creek Winery’s annual Garlic Festival celebrated that very special veggie that tastes and smells so delicious… the beautiful bulb.

Every time their Terrafina restaurant’s chef opened his barbecue, the aroma of just-roasted garlic and carmellized onions had guests clamouring for many cooked-up versions of the revered bulb.

The limited menu was created to pair well with a selection of Hester’s wines. All perfect on a sunny day on the Golden Mile.


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