Strolling couple enjoy odd encounter on canal trail

Dan Lovasz snapped this photo of a moose he and wife Barb encountered while walking on a trail near the Osoyoos Golf Course Wednesday.

Barb and Dan Lovasz have witnessed a lot on their daily strolls on a Town path that meanders past the Osoyoos Golf Course — but nothing like they saw Wednesday.

The retired Osoyoos couple were about halfway along the walking trail between Hwy. 3 and 74 Ave. when they came face to face with what Dan’s believes was an adolescent moose.

“Halfway down the trail there’s a break in the fence and that’s where the moose was,” he said. “We just left him alone and let him do his own thing. He sort of looked at us, turned around and then he went down where the apples where and we just walked by.

The encounter took just a few moments but it was enough time for Dan to snap a quick photo.

“The moose, he looked like a young male, his antlers we’re starting to grow,” Dan said. “He was a gangly looking thing with long legs.’

The couple routinely meet dogs and deer on the trail and “hear the odd coyote,” but have never encountered a moose before. Dan says he expects to be a little more attentive when he and his wife go for a stroll.

“I also heard that somebody saw a bear on the other side with her cubs,” he explained. “We didn’t encounter that, luckily.”


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